Solargraphy Project

Once again its time to meet to discuss legal matters and resolve disputes.  Time to enter the temple of Vesta and leave offerings to the goddess in exchange for blessings for your family.  A time when magic is the strongest, the Summer Solstice.  Although we might not celebrate the sun being at it’s highest point in the sky with those traditions anymore we can celebrate in the way of the maker, by starting a new project.  I got a suggestion to design a pin hole camera that can be used for Solargraphy in Model Monday.  According to Google;

“Solargraphy is the art of long exposure photography that captures of the image of the sun moving across the sky.”

You use a pin hole camera to take an exposure that lasts months and capture the changing path the sun takes across the sky between the Summer and Winter Soltis.  It sounded fun so last week we got started.  Next week Monday we will pick up where we left off and finish our designs.  Join us 7pm @ Norwich or via Google meeting at the bottom of the new Model Monday website!

Model Monday Website!