Member Badge Contest – Voting Open!


As announced in January, we had a Badge Contest that ran through April 21.  We had some great entries this year from our members.

Badge Contest Members

We had nine members show off their awesome badges at the meeting: Karen, Bill**2, Keith, Tom K., Kathy, Jon, Tom G., Brant & Carl

Now it’s the opportunity for everyone to vote and determine which badges they like the best!  Please view the badges and descriptions below, then click on the “VOTE HERE” link and select your favorite.

Several of the members submitted descriptions – please see them below.

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Member Badge Contest Starting Now!

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Milwaukee Makerspace

Member Badge Competition

What is it?

This is a very open-ended competition: Build a name badge that looks awesome and shows off some of your skills!

What are the rules?

All badges must display your name.

There are 3 classes that you can compete in:

  • Class 1: New Member Badge Replacement

This badge must hang on a single plastic strap and metal clip – like the ones that current badges utilize.  Additionally, it must be easily made by a new member as an introduction to a tool, process, or the makerspace in general.  This badge should take no longer than 2 hours to create.

  • Class 2: Standard Badges

Like the new member badge replacement, this must also hang from a single plastic strap and metal clip.  There are no limitations on complexity or build time.

  • Class 3: Unlimited

This is the unlimited class.  All badges must be able to be transported by a single person, no wheels allowed.  Otherwise, anything goes!

When is the contest?

It’s starting RIGHT NOW!  Come up with an awesome badge idea, build it and show it off!

The contest Ends April 21st!

What can you win?

Each and every contestant will win (your own) memorable Member Badge!  We welcome suggestions for awesome awards that can be presented to the participants.

How do I enter?

Present pictures of your completed badge along with a 2-3 paragraph description of what you did to make it to badgecontest (at)  Your descriptions and pictures will be used to create a blog post and run open voting within the membership.  Bonus points for members that provide in-process pictures and how-tos on the construction of their badges!