Tuesday June 14th, 2011

16 members and 3 guests attended the meeting.



* The posters have arrived.

* We will put a poster up and Greenfield News and Hobby and American Science and Surplus.

* Tim will see if we can get a poster put up at MATC.

* Chris will get some smaller 11×17 posters printed.

* Brant will try and contact MIAD, MSOE, and UWM to see if we can get posters put up.

Great Milwaukee Race

* Jason will be hosting a station at the Great Milwaukee Race this Saturday June 18th.

* Jason is looking for volunteers to help on Saturday morning. Meet him at AJ Bombers at 8:00am if you are interested.

* For more information about the race visit http://www.greatmilwaukeerace.com.

Milwaukee 48 Hour Film Project

* Adam is looking for volunteers for the 48 Hour Film Project.

* Adam will be at the space on Saturday and Sunday working on a film. Stop by if you are interested in participating.




* For more information about the project visit http://www.48hourfilm.com/milwaukee

Thursday Night Demo

* Rich will give a welding demo on Thursday June 23rd.

* We will not have a demo for Thursday June 16th.

* The demo night needs to be promoted better, so we can attract more people that are not already involved with the makerspace. Jackie suggested using facebook to promote the demo nights.

Safety Poster

* Brant showed his rough draft for a safety poster.

* Jason mentioned he has a partially completed web application that is almost done that could be used instead of a poster.

* Jason will try and get the App Engine app published soon

Rental Squares

* We will start charging people for rental squares in the hanger starting July 1st.

Partail Membership

* The partial membership at $40 per month in now available.

* We are currently using an honor system. Royce is working on adding automatic enforcement of partial membership in the access control system.


* Tom Gondek’s screen printing gear is in the loft. Someone needs to assemble it and get it up and running.

* Tom G. brought his spray booth and more pallet racking grates to the makerspace.






Tuesday June 7th, 2011

12 members and 6 guests attended the meeting.


Make Live

* Reminder we will be on Make Live this Wednesday night starting at 8pm.


Gallery Night

* Gallery night was a huge success.

* We made $60.

* Jackie will investigate gallery night for July.

* Huge thanks to Kevin B. for organiing this event for us.

Safety Posters

* We will create a large poster for our safety list.

* It will list every member and the machines they are trained to use.

* It will also have each members picture.

* Brant will work on putting the poster together.



* Shane put together t-shirts and stickers and posted them to our Zazzle account.

* Our Zazzle account looks great now.


Renting Squares in the Hanger

* Square rental will start on July 1st.

* Each square will be rented for $75 per month.

* We will start renting from the far end of the hanger.


Thursday Night Demos

* Matt will do a soldering demo at 8pm this Thursday.

* Brent will give a 555 demo in 3 weeks.



* Brant will take the lead in organizing clean up day for June.

* The posters are in the mail.

* Tim talked with someone at MATC. We might be able to put up posters there.

* Brent volunteered to do some screen printing. Tom Gondek has some screen printing gear that we might be able to bring to the space.

* Someone needs to put all of the email addresses from the grand opening guest book into a spread sheet.

Tuesday May 31st, 2011

12 members and 2 guests attened the meeting.

Bayview Gallery Night

  • Kevin will investigate if we are allowed to serve alchol at gallery night.
  • We will have another cleanup session on Thursday night.
  • We need more coolers for gallery night.

Machine Shop Safety Lists

  • We need a form next to each machine in the shop stating who has been trained to operate it.
  • Implementing an RFID lock out system is too cost prohibitave at this time.

Zazzle Account

  • Shane is interested in getting some merchandise for the makerspace setup in Zazzle.
  • Ron has created a zazzle account a while back.
  • Shane/Ron will coordinate getting items ready for the Zazzle store.

Website Updates

  • Royce demoed an alternate website theme.
  • When you login to your website account you try out the new themes by clicking on “My account”.
  • Royce has added user pages that allow members to create profile pages on the website.
  • Royce has enabled addtional blog featues that allow organizing blogs by topic and user.
  • Several alternatives to the current website were discussed(Word Press, Google Blogger).
  • We reviewed Michael’s website layout. This looks like it is our best option.
  • Matt, Jason, and Michael will meet next week to work on website stuff.


  • Shane’s poster looks good.
  • The posters are 27×40 inches.
  • Tom is going to have 7 posters printed.

Access Control

  • Royce has updated the access control system to accomodate our new limited membership options. Royce would like to develop a GUI front end for adding users before we start officially accepting members at the $40 per month rate.
  • We would eventually like to have an automatic system for disabling people’s RFID cards if they are behind in their payments.
  • Royce almost has our Square Up account setup(https://squareup.com).


  • Jason has volunteered to give a demo of the Max audio/visual promgramming environment next week Thursday.

Tuesday May 24th, 2011

There were 12 member s and 3 guests at the meeting.

Business Cards

  • We need new business cards.
  • Royce will send Brant the information about the old business cards.
  • We think brant was working on a new design for business cards. He was not at this meeting.

Clean Up Day TODO List

  • Fix the white board.
  • Tool organization for the lab. Need a strip of magnets in the shelf.
  • Masonite to re-cover the tables in the lab.
  • Mount the big TV on the wall.

Rental Spaces

  • We are going to start renting out square in the hanger area.
  • We will move the rental squares If the official rental space that MMS has needs to expand.
  • Right now there is no concern that we will run out of space.
  • Only members can rent spaces.
  • There are a total of 44 squares that can be rented.

New Membership Level

  • We added a $40 per month membership level.
  • Students with a valid student ID qualify for the $40 per month membership.
  • Weeknight’s only membership is also $40 per month. This type of member wil only have access to the space Monday through Thursday.
  • Weekends only membership is also $40 per month. This type of member will only have access to the space Friday through Sunday.

Revenue/Promtion Ideas

  • We need to have a demo every Thursday night to try and attract new people.
  • We need to start offering classes. The makerspace could get $10 per student.
  • Membership coupon. Limited time only half price membership or something similar.
  • Need more regular events for non-members(clubs/classes).


  • Jason will be making a large Jacks game using tire irons for the Greate Milwaukee Race(http://www.greatmilwaukeerace.com/).
  • Where is the guest book from the grand opening? We could use the email addresses in the book to start an announcement only Google Group. 
  • We have two new member Bret and Tim.

Tuesday May 10th, 2011

There were 15 members and 3 guest at the meeting.

  • The landlord will have have pricing for rental squares in the next week or two.
  • Tom will organize the painting of the squares in the hanger area.
  • Brant will be doing some blog posts after the meeting.
  • Richard joined as a member.