(Belated) Week 3 Project Snippets

Every week we want to let folks inside and outside the space know what has been happening and what is likely to happen. We started this in week 3, but I didn’t get around to posting them until now. We’ll try to keep these coming more regularly in the future!

Anyway, onto the Weekly Snippets for 2011 – Week 3 (jan 14-20) (full details after the jump)

Last Week:
– Disassembled the stage from our Psuedo-opening party
– Made frames for two pieces of art.
– Upgraded my storage-palet by adding shelves.
– Built a support structure for my Giant Evil Wind Chimes so I can hang them from the wall while I work on them. I’m working on cutting stainless steel wire rope and crimping on ferrules to attach the ~5 foot long pipes.

This Week:
– Finish hanging the Chime pipes and make a striker and sail so that wind can actually ring them.
– Work on brazing bronze rod into a sound generating sculpture/instrument.
– Hopefully help Tom and Sean move Tom’s kiln into the makerspace

Last Week:
– Last Thursday I started making an intrusion alarm from MAKE Electronics book. Today I finished cleaning the lathe and the laser cutter.

This Week:
– I will be working on the intrusion alarm this week. I would also like to start working on my power wheels car in the next one to two weeks.

I had a good week in the makerspace. I was able to mold and cast my
magnetic spheres up to airsoft diameter with passable results. I had
a moderately successful test of my sensor as a shooting target. And I
figured out a way to mass produce my sensor coils using only metal
washers and business cards (and of course magnet wire). So I tried it
out and made ten sensors at once. I am not satisfied with the
performance of my sensor at this point, it has only about a 50%
success rate. I will be concentrating this week on getting the signal
amplified and thinking about other analog signal processing
techniques. I am going to have to learn a thing or two about

Matt G:
Last week:
– Introduced a few new folks to the Makerspace and the group. Word of
mouth seems to be a great advertising tool so the thing I’ve learned
is to give as many tours as possible.
– Began working on several camera rig projects with my friend David
Overbeck. (RC motorized dolly, pan/tilt head, action camera rig, etc.)
– David has agreed to help us shoot some promo / how-to /
instructional videos every Tuesday night or so, with is pro-grade
equipment & professional editing skills.
– Helped Brant and other members over the weekend – mostly watching to
learn ;)
– Built and flew a kite-camera rig at South Shore Park with Kevin and
David Overbeck. Preview pic: http://twitpic.com/3qzmfl
— We’ll have an edited video that we can associate online with the
Makerspace soon; David is cutting it together.
– Built a chassis for an RC Rock Crawler from a $12 Walmart RC toy.
Preview: http://twitpic.com/3qs6oe

This week:
– Finish the chassis of my rock crawler.
– Work on the actual code for the Internet Coffee Pot.
– Beginning planning a handmade music / musical-electronics group (and
maybe a class on guitar pedal building) with Kevin.
– Get certified on a few more machines.

Tom Gralewicz:
Got the pin ball machine cleaned and working (sound is still a problem)

Lots of work on my 18V NiCd battery charger circuit for the Harbor Freight Drills. The new circuit works but doesn’t reset after you disconnect the battery, I have an idea how to fix that and have a 2nd version of the circuit and board ready for fab.

Worked with Royce building pallets to store the power wheels cars, tried to have a power wheels build Saturday but got distracted :-)

Looked at the lathe and scrounged most of the parts necessary to rewire the starter.

My snippet – work on a wood tool box.

I didn’t actually build it, my father did, based on a very old design. I did some sanding, then photographed it (while still unfinished) and then stained it with a primative-style colored stain.

What I think is interesting about this box is how simple and practical it is. It could be easily mass-produced or designed as kits for other people to assemble, etc, etc.

I posted photos to the Makerspace page in the “MISC” album, but frankly, the blogging feature on the Makerspace is not super-user friendly in terms of adding in photos, etc.

I also posted it to Instructables. http://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Wood-Toolbox/

I finished the base for the CNC router.
The next step is to find 3 or 4 guys to help lift the slides onto the
base (they’re *really* heavy). I plan to do this on Tuesday night, when
people are there for the meeting.

After that: brackets for the steppers (need training on the mill), and
a workholding table on top of the slides. Z axis will be the last step.

Also: designed a simple “wedge” to incline my bed by 15 degrees.
Supposedly better than sleeping flat (we’ll see). Need someone to help
transport plywood (although I could build it from 2’x4′ sheets, which
fit in my car).

Pete (member in spirit):
• Tweaking Matt’s code for the Drawbot:
• Perl + Arduino + ShiftBrite fun…. I’ll have another post and a real-world application if I finish the enclosure I’m building.
• I’ll have a write-up about the iPad stand I made… will publish tomorrow.
• Looking into some bristlebot ideas…
• And today I’m modifying my drill press to hold a branding iron…