Slignshots, Signs, Pistons, and more!

Makers keep Making! Here’s a new batch of projects members have shared. Rocky made a nice sign for a musician friend of his. Sign making is just one more thing you can do at Milwaukee Makerspace. Between the vinyl cutters, CNC machines, and laser cutters, there are many options for creating great signage!

Rocky also made a nice CNC’d slingshot. Back in the old days you would just rip off a tree branch shaped like a “Y” and make a slingshot, or worse, buy one. Rocky’s DIY version is much better!

Marcus engraved a steel piston as a gift. Why? Because he can! With the capabilities of our metal shop, not to mention the Tormach CNC Mill, the things you can engrave are almost limitless!

Kathy H. made this headdress piece to go with one of the costumes Colleen is creating for the Wearable Art and Cosplay Fashion Show Colleen is doing at Maker Faire Milwaukee. Want to see the whole thing? Join us at Maker Faire!

And finally, Markus, Tom K., Jake, and Dwight all worked together to repair the Bridgeport Mill during Space Improvement Day. Remember, kids… Do not adjust the speed of the Bridgeport mill while it is not running! It can cause damage to the machine and your own health and safety.

Maker Faire? We’re There!

Milwaukee Makerspace is proud to be the co-host of Maker Faire Milwaukee. We don’t know of any other community makerspace that is a partner organization to such a large Maker Faire. Our members support the Faire by bringing awesome and amazing projects and providing a lot of hands-on opportunities to make. Here’s a quick look…

First of all, Milwaukee Makerspace will be there! (Duh!) and we’ll have a large booth containing various members and projects, including Kathy H., Larry, Jeff Throwing Clay, Tom’s Can Cuber, Mark with his Ultra MegaMax Dominator 3D Printer and “The Spice Must Flow” SandBot, and we’ll even teach you How to use a Scroll Saw.

Over in the Dark Room you’ll find Adrian’s Jellyfish (Under the Sea) and Billy’s CD Chandelier Supreme, and Pete’s Giant LED Cube. The Dark Room will also be home to Colleen’s Wearable Art and Cosplay Fashion Show, which is not to be missed, and of course the old favorite, Jake’s Rook the Knight versus the Tesla Coils.

We’ve got a few makers who opted for their own booths, so they could promote their products, including Home Rooted Designs, Cerberus Tactical Robot, and Raven Lock.

Outside we’ve got Bay View Forgeworks with Ed and Richard, and right next to them is Dan D. doing an Aluminum casting demonstration and scratch tile workshop, and if you like dinosaur’s check out Isaac’s Arts!

Adrian is also once again running the Design & Build Derby, with the help of a lot of volunteers, they’ll help over 1500 kids build (and decorate) and race their own tiny wooden derby cars. Speaking of cars, the Milwaukee Makerspace Racing Team will be in the Back 40 racing their modified electric race cars. Exciting!

Need more? Well, there’s always Daleks… Dalek Asylum Milwaukee will be back, and joining them will be Megan’s Dalek, Frank’s Dalek, Tom’s Dalek, and Dalek Eclipse.

We hope you can join us at Maker Faire Milwaukee September 28-30, 2018 at State Fair Park. Get your tickets now (they are free) and check out the web site for more makers and a schedule of events.

Installing a new Power Supply on the Mogul

Harvey got a new power supply for the CNC Mogul from Automation Technology Inc and asked me if I could help him document the replacement process. It was pretty simple and went very smooth. We’re lucky to have Harvey around as a member, and I’m glad he takes care of the CNC Mogul.

Check out the video below to see Harvey replacing the dead power supply with the new 36 volt 9.7 amp model he got from Automation Technology Inc.

Maker Faire Milwaukee – Year Five!

It’s that time again! We’re less than two months out from the 2018 edition of Maker Faire Milwaukee. It’s our fifth year as co-host of the event, and we’re seeing the return of old members, as well as welcoming new members to the event.

Here’s a few highlights you should look forward to.

Obviously our friends at Dalek Asylum Milwaukee are back, including Tim’s Dalek, Megan’s Dalek, and Tom’s Dalek. Everybody loves Daleks, right!?

We’ve got Bay View Forgeworks which consists of blacksmithing members Richard and Ed. (And hey, they are currently collecting scrap metal they can turn into awesome things at the Faire.)

Colleen will be there with CMLeahy Designs and will also be heading up the Milwaukee Makers Wearable Art and Cosplay Runway show. Neat!

Adrian will be showing his newly improved Jellyfish (Under the Sea) and also also helping run the Design & Build Derby, a definite favorite activity of the Faire.

Here’s a few more! Home Rooted Designs, How to use a Scroll Saw, Isaac’s Arts, Maker of Beautiful Things, and of course… Milwaukee Makerspace!

But hey, you don’t have to be a member of Milwaukee Makerspace to show off the amazing things you make. The Call for Makers is still accepting applications, so show us what you make!

Cosplaying, Desks, Digital, and AEDs!

Hey Makers, what’s up!? It’s summer and while some people take a break from making, we never stop! Members @thecosplaydad and @koalacosplay attended the World Cosplay Summit recently, and while they did not get selected to go to Japan, they had an awesome time out in California. (They’ll also be at Maker Faire Milwaukee if you want to see them in person!)

Ed’s wife needed a desk, and Ed loves making things, so he made he this awesome desk! Hey Ed, it kinds of looks like a bowling alley. Does your wife like bowling? (Just kidding! Reclaimed wood from bowling alleys is awesome!)

Whoa, what is this? Some sort of Digital Art!? Yes it is! Billy is our new Area Champion for the Digital Production Area. What’s that now? It’s where you can make digital things! We’ll have a few higher-end computers with specialized software as well as some AR & VR equipment you can use. We’re looking forward to seeing what members come up with.

Markus made a thing, and awesome thing. It’s a thing to hold the new AED we got. An AED is an Automated External Defibrillator and can be used to save someone’s life. We love our members (and guests) and if a life or death situation arises where an AED could save someone, we want to be able to do that. Live to maker another day!