Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

So I found myself at the Makerspace without any plans, so I decided to turn to the “Hack Rack” to see what I could throw together.

I found a nebulizer (which is normally used to treat an Asthma attack) and hooked up a tube to an old plastic cover from a CD spindle I filled with some soap and water I got from the bathroom. The nebulizer has a small pump in it which forces air through the tube…

VoilĂ ! Instant Bubble Machine!

Why you might want to make a whole bunch of bubbles, I’m not entirely sure yet, but it was a fun distraction for a while.

I also ended up taking apart an old CD drive, which was interesting, as it’s something I’ve never done before. I may save parts of it to do some macro photography with.

If you haven’t explored the Hack Rack yet, take a look! There’s a lot of neat stuff on it. It was fun to challenge myself to see what I could quickly make with parts from it. In theory the stuff on the Hack Rack won’t be there forever. It should rotate with older stuff “going away” to make room for new stuff, so if it’s on the rack, make use of it!

Hack Rack

Remember kids, “If you can hack if, you can have it!”