3D Printer (x 3)

3D Printers

Last night after the weekly Tuesday night meeting we had a quick show ‘n tell featuring three different 3D printers.

From left to right: a MakerGear Prusa Mendel, a MakerGear Mosaic, and a Printrbot.

We’ve also got a member building a 3D printer of his own design, and at least one member with an old-school MakerBot CupCake.

Speaking of MakerBot, we’re expecting a visit from the MakerBot folks near the end of June. They’ll demo the MakerBot Replicator for us and get all geeky about melted plastic, which is what 3D Printing Nerds do. (We’ll post an update when we have all the details.)

RepRap Build

MakerGear RepRap

It’s not a secret, but I haven’t really posted here about here it yet: I’m building a MakerGear RepRap Prusa Mendel.

I’ve posted a few photos of it in progress in the Make Flickr Pool, and Make mentioned a few of them, but I really need to start writing more about the process. (I’ve posted stuff on Google+ along the way, mainly to get feedback/share with a few other RepRap builders.)

I’ve still got a number of hours to put into it before it’s ready to extrude, but if you want a bunch of posts from someone who already finished theirs, and is doing all the tweaking and documenting it, check out Brazen Artifice. Lots of great posts there!

Once it’s done I’ll be sure to bring it to the space for a demo.