We are Ready To Move This MMESSSSS!

There is quite a lot of packing happening at Ye Olde Milwaukee Makerspace (at Chase), in preparation for the move to our new home on Lenox!  In the midst of the chaos, the Milwaukee Makerspace Eight Speaker Super Surround Sound System, although taken down from the ceiling and put on a pallet, is still rocking!  The whole pallet really is a portable plug and play audio system: It has one power cord, and one headphone jack to plug your phone (or other audio source) in to.  With its eight speakers aimed in nearly every direction, it is sure to delight!

Hey, is that a MakerSpaceInvader pinball machine, a MAME cabinet, an RFID-enabled Kegorator, and a jewelry wax carving CNC machine next to the MMESSSSS?  What other odd things does the Makerspace have you ask?  Well, stop by and find out!