Join Us!

We have a public meeting on certain Tuesday nights at 7PM. Please check our calendar for more details on location and timing of our next meeting. We’d love for you to drop by on one of those evenings and find out what we are all about. If you get a good vibe, inquire about becoming a member!

The wiki has more information about how to become a member.

We have 2 locations:

Main location:
2555 S Lenox St
Milwaukee WI 53207

Expansion location at Makers Village:
2517 E Norwich Ave
St Francis WI 53235

This is the introduction we give new members when they join. If you are thinking about joining us, or just feel like learning more about how we operate, this is the video to watch!

Below are a number of videos we shot before we moved to our new space in 2013. They are here for historical purposes only, and will probably be replaced at some point.

Just what is the Milwaukee Makerspace?

Why should you check out Milwaukee Makerspace?

What sorts of skills do our members have?

What kinds of projects do we build?