Thanks, Stan!

Stan Miller

Check out Stan Miller’s last column for JSOnline: Goodbye Milwaukee: Covering tech has been a blast.

Having had some involvement with Milwaukee’s tech scene over the years, I’d like to personally thank Stan for some great coverage. As he mentions in his column, he’s attended BarCampMilwaukee (which is something I help organize) and has been a real champion of Milwaukee Makerspace, mentioning us numerous times over the years. I always hope it was partly due to what we help bring to the City of Milwaukee, and not just because we occasionally build crazy things. :)

We’ve been meeting a lot of interesting people lately, from artists, to high-school teachers, to department chairs at local universities. Part of talking to these people is just getting out story out, that Milwaukee Makerspace is for creative people who loved to make things. Stan played an important role in helping us tell the story since the beginning, so for that, Thanks Stan!