The Pallets

The Pallets

Now that you’ve seen the Library and the Woodshop, we’ll move on to the pallets.

Even though I’m saying “the pallets” what I really mean is “Milwaukee Makerspace Member’s Project Storage Area” which doesn’t have a catchy acronym yet, but maybe “MMMPSA” could work if it’s not being used yet. (hmmmmmm and BADASS are already taken.)

I know, you’re saying “Hey! I can’t reach the top shelf!” and while that may be true even if you put the ladder on top of that rolling cart (not recommended!) you shouldn’t worry too much, because the members with the top shelves also know how to operate the forklift. Yeah, we have a forklift, and yeah, we have members who know how to use it, and can teach you how to use it.

And believe me, we take forklift safety very seriously. You don’t want to end up like Klaus or his co-workers!

(Yeah, it’s a long video, but I swear, it’s worth it!)