Glazy-tron 3000

A few weeks ago I was speaking with my fellow ceramics area champion about making glazes.  We have recently done some organization of our glaze materials and he mentioned how he wished we had a computer for looking up recipes in the glaze room.  So I made one!

This is the Glazy-tron 3000.  I think the best place to find glaze recipes online is at so I have named this work station in it’s honor.  For the past few months I have been experimenting with kerf cutting plywood to create curved shapes.  After 3 or 4 bends I am getting the hang of it.  Under the hood is a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, which is a mouth full for being so small.  Truthfully its a bit slow for loading a webpage but it’s all I have right now and Pi’s are almost impossible to get a hold of for less than $100 right now.  If you have not had the chance to test drive a new Pi Zero 2 stop by the pottery area and give it a test drive.  This workstation will also be a great place to have the test tile spread sheet and all sorts of pottery “paperwork”.

Dust Collection Adapter

As a frequent user of the wood shop since I first became a member I asked Richard to keep me in mind for future projects.  Last week he gave me one.  Dust collection at Norwich is moving along and a new tools is ready to be connected, the spindle sander.  

I decided to design the adapter in Fusion 360 of course and print it on my printer at home.  It was a bit tight so I ended up heating up the connector on my stove and melting it in place inside the adapter.  It is nice to help out in an area that I have gotten a lot of joy out of over the past years.  I would encourage you all to find the area champion of an area you enjoy and ask to be kept in mind for future space projects.

Ornament Design

The makerspace has a tree!  The kind with blinky lights and cool ornaments!  As I write Kathy is decorating is and I want to help.  That’s why I spent the past 2 Fusion 360 classes designing ornaments with my fellow makerspace members.  The first design is a 3d printable design and the second a laser cut design.  You can watch them both on you tube and make some for your tree at home or add them to our tree at the Milwaukee Makerspace. 

Vintage Inspired Radio

Who doesn’t love the look of an old radio.  Something is lost on modern Bluetooth speakers.  For the last 5 weeks we have been designing Vintage Inspired Radio’s in Model Monday.  This is one of our longest projects and I had a lot of fun with it.  The basic premise of the design is a frame built from kerf cut plywood.  This was the first time I tried using a kerf cutting calculator online and I will never go back to winging it ever again.

The other focus of the design was powering the “radio” with a Milwaukee Tool battery.  It seamed natural to use a battery we have so much of at the makerspace.  Making the triangular peg fit into round hole was the main design challenge there.  A problem that was easily solved by using the attach canvas function.  You can watch that class and all the rest on YouTube.

Cerveza and Ceramics

Every Wednesday at for the past few months Jeff has been hosting “Cervesia and Ceramics”.  It’s an evening playing with clay fueled by the power of beer.  Over the past few months I have seen Jeff do wheel throwing classes, hand building seminars, and general clay based standup comedy (mostly while sitting at a wheel). 

Every week members stop by just to hang out a chat or to join us for a beer.  Some of those on lookers even get talked into getting their hands full of clay.  If you have never picked up a lump of clay ask Tom Klein about his experience a couple weeks ago when Jeff peer pressured him into sitting down at a wheel for the first time.  

Stop in tomorrow or any Wednesday.  The Milwaukee Makerspace is by far the best ceramics studio in the Milaukee area also the most affordable.