Makesgiving is Back!

Today Makesgiving is back at the Milwaukee Makerspace. While some people are out fighting the lines and searching for deals we are here helping people make their gifts. Each of our seven stations is run by a volunteer member and is totally free. If your in the Bay View area come by and make a t-shirt or an ornament. One of our few rules at the Makerspace is to be excellent to eachother, today is our opportunity to be excellent to our community. Bay View and St. Francis have been wonderful locations for our makerspaces. We are so grateful to have been welcomed with open arms as the makerspace expands. Thank you Milwaukee!

Just to name a few stations, Jake and Faith are helping our neighbors make pillows with fabrics scraps donated to the craft lab. Jeff and Brant are making melted crayon ornaments.

Jerry has used his toy making skills to improve our nerdy derby construction techniques. This year we have added a t-shirt making station to our makes giving offerings with Mariah showing guests how to screen print. Special thanks to all our volunteers and members!