Beginning Neon – Paper Clip project

As we continue to build out the Norwich glass area, our pilot neon class is starting to reveal merit from the pomp and toils of setting up a new area space.  A special thanks to Rosie and Jake for their continued  contribution in building the neon area.

Pictured are 2 paperclips created by member Robert S.  These were constructed from 10mm tubing.  The red is filled with Neon gas, and the blue is a mixture of Argon and Mercury.  The next step in the process is to build a support structure/enclosure to mount the paperclips.  Robert intends to utilize his skills in the woodshop area to create a wood base support structure for the paperclip sculpture.

A great example of members utilizing multiple areas and disciplines to accomplish their project goals :)

The “Neon Crew” congregates on Wednesdays from ~4:30-7:00pm, stop by and learn more.