Making the Gas Tank FIT!

Yesterday, I brought in my motorcycle gas tank and went to put it on the cycle. But IT DIDN’T FIT! The battery rack is exactly just a little too tall!

After talking with some of the other Makers at the space, it was decided the simple answer was just to trim a little off the bottom of the tank.

Since the gas tank is only really just a cover, mostly there for looks, no reason I can’t add dials and guages directly to the tank!┬áHere’s the video:

EV Cycle Battery Rack – Part 3

Yesterday, I finished the upper mounts on the motorcycle battery rack. I actually ended up running out of angle iron for the top hold-downs, but the Makerspace is full of great salvaged materials. I used some of those computer tower case holders as the top brackets. They are sturdy metal and already painted black to boot!

Here’s some video of what I did.

Electric Motorcycle

I’m currently doing some work on my electric motorcycle.

It’s always run just fine, but it’s always had that “freshly cobbled together” look as well. I’ve got my cycle at the Makerspace to repaint it, build a custom battery rack, and get it ready for shooting the “BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE” instructional video.

Here’s a YouTube of what I was doing yesterday.

DIY Plug-In Hybrid Car

Two summers ago, I built my own electric car. It’s a conversion of a ’96 Geo Metro from gas to electric. While I experimented with several different voltages, in the end I went with a simple 72V battery pack. Overall, it’s great, other than a rather short range.

Recently, I started finding that I was doing a lot of travel JUST A LITTLE FARTHER then I could go on a charge. One of the friends at the Makerspace had a propane generator kicking around, and said I could have it if I could fix it.

Hmmm…. Plug-In Serial Hybrid anyone?

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Essentially, I fixed up the generator and mounted it, a fuel tank, and the battery charger in the cargo area of the car.
The generator makes electricity, and the charger pushes it to the batteries. The charger can NOT put out as much power as the car uses on cruising, so it’s NOT and “infinate range extender” the way the Chevy Volt is. Instead, it simply extends the range of the electric car by having the batteries deplete more slowly.

Here’s an overview video.

I made several videos as I was working on the project, and I think they explain everything better than I could explain by text.

Here are a few of those videos in chronological order.

And if those videos aren’t enough for you, check out my DIY instructions over at