How Many Members Does Milwaukee Makerspace Have?

I know the question you’ve been asking… How Many Members Does Milwaukee Makerspace Have?

Well fear not, Makers… we’ve got you covered. Just visit hmmdmmh on the Global InterWeb Network and you’ll have the answer.

But wait! I can hear you saying “Hey there Lord of Numbers and Hackmaster General, I’m on my Mobile Smart Device, will this even work!?” And the answer is yes… yes it will.

How Many Members Does Milwaukee Makerspace Have? (Mobile Edition)

Rather than force you to install an application specific to your Mobile Platform through some silly “App Store” we decided to use the latest in Web Standards to deliver this information to you. (We call this version ‘hmmdmmhm’ with an extra ‘m’ for ‘mobile’.)

What’s that? Oh yes, how does it work? Well, right now it reads the data from this page, parses it, and stores it in a special Linux-based file system, then displays it to you. In the future our custom membership software will provide an API to get this data, but for now… it’s all beta, so just go with it.

The Group (Photo!)

Kudos to David (known to the group as a videographer and motorcycle enthusiast) who must have experience herding cats, because he managed to get a whole bunch of members to take a break from making and stand still long enough for a group photo.

I’m not sure which one should be the “official” group photo, so I’ve posted all three of them below. Let us know which one you like the best!

Milwaukee Makerspace Members
Option #3: “Serious”

Milwaukee Makerspace Members
Option #2: “Lighthearted”

Milwaukee Makerspace Members
Option #1: “Machete”

Note: Whichever photo gets chosen as the “official” Milwaukee Makerspace Group Photo will remain the “official” Milwaukee Makerspace Group Photo until we take a new “official” Milwaukee Makerspace Group Photo.

Note #2: This photo does not represent all of our members, just the people that were there on a Tuesday night after the weekly meeting. If you want to stop by and meet us, any Tuesday Night at 7pm would be a great time. Men, women, and robots are all welcome!

More Makers

More Makers

If you visit the site (and I hope you do) you may have seen some new faces in the header of the home page.

Maybe you’ll be the next one to “join our diverse group of highly trained, creative, and tech-savvy makers, engineers, designers and inventors.”

In fact, as of writing this, seems to indicate we are really close to having 50 members.

Who will be the 50th? Hmm, maybe there should be a prize… maybe a nice laser-cut wooden nickel or something. :)