The Group (Photo!)

Kudos to David (known to the group as a videographer and motorcycle enthusiast) who must have experience herding cats, because he managed to get a whole bunch of members to take a break from making and stand still long enough for a group photo.

I’m not sure which one should be the “official” group photo, so I’ve posted all three of them below. Let us know which one you like the best!

Milwaukee Makerspace Members
Option #3: “Serious”

Milwaukee Makerspace Members
Option #2: “Lighthearted”

Milwaukee Makerspace Members
Option #1: “Machete”

Note: Whichever photo gets chosen as the “official” Milwaukee Makerspace Group Photo will remain the “official” Milwaukee Makerspace Group Photo until we take a new “official” Milwaukee Makerspace Group Photo.

Note #2: This photo does not represent all of our members, just the people that were there on a Tuesday night after the weekly meeting. If you want to stop by and meet us, any Tuesday Night at 7pm would be a great time. Men, women, and robots are all welcome!

Adding NFC to a photo to share the experience

I ordered a bag of some NFC tags to play around with allowing objects to tell more of a story. I placed one behind a wedding gift from close friends on our wedding day in Copenhagen. I programmed the NFC tag to invoke Google Street view and thru the device the user is able to see exactly what we saw, in the exact location where the photo was taken. It definitely added a new layer of depth to the photo and allowed others to share in our experience.

Here is a quick video of this NFC tag works with an NFC enabled smart phone (Google Nexus S)