Tuesday November 3rd


* Royce brought an example flyer to the meeting.

* The flyer was accepted by the group with only minor changes.

* Tom agreed to print the flyers.

* In addition to flyers, busness cards are also needed.

* Royce, Tom, Rich, Randy, Ron, Mike, and Sean contributed a total of $120 dollars towards business cards.

* Royce completed the business card layout at the meeting and placed an order for 5,000 business cards.


Style Sheet

* The style sheet has been put on hold.

* The Milwaukee Maker Space will not be deciding on an official style sheet at this time.



* The revisions made by the lawyer were reviewed.

* Only one minor change is required.


Member Release Form

* The lawyer’s version of the member release form was reviewed.

* It was determined that the member release form needs to be updated

  to take guests into consideration.


Action Items

* Flyers: Tom will print the flyers.

* Business Cards: Royce has ordered the cards. We should have them by next meeting.

* Escrow agreement: Tom has agreed to follow up with the lawyer to get the escrow agreement finalized.

   We are hoping to have the final version ready by next Tuesday’s meeting.

* Member Release Form: Tom has agreed to follow up with the lawyer and get the appropriate changes made.

* Member Agreement: Sean has agreed to draft a member agreement based on the notes from the 10/27 meeting.

* Website Update: Randy has agreed to rework the wording on the front page of the website.