Tuesday October 27th

Escrow Agreement

* The members at the meeting felt that the escrow agreement was good,
   and only requires three minor changes.
* The agreement needs to explicitly state that the deadline for
   collecting the initial $12,000 is 1/1/2011.
* The agreement needs to clarify exactly what the lawyer’s escrow fees
* The agree needs state that $600 goes towards annual dues and $100 is
   reserved for a security deposit.
* Tom will be following up with the lawyer to get these changes made
   and clarify how people will enter into the agreement(i.e. in person,
   electronically, or through postal mail).
* It was determined that there will be a maximum of 25 founding
   members. Each founding member must pay $600 in dues and a $100
   security deposit. The total of $700 must be payed upfront.


Member Agreement

* The rough draft member agreement by Ron was reviewed.
* Please see Royce’s post on  google groups for details regarding the
   changes that were suggested.


Random Discussions

* Tom suggested possibly having rolling work benches and/or cubbyholes
   for each member to store personal equipment at the space.
* Tom also suggested possibly having members rent car bays at the
   space to work on larger long term projects.
* The above suggests are tentative and would need to be finalized when
   a space is actually rented.


Action Items

* We still need a member liability waiver.