Tuesday November 30th 2010

There were a total of 8 member and 2 non-member at the meeting.


Dues will be $80 a month and can be paid via PayPal or check. New members must also pay a $100 security deposit. New members that join after the first week of the month do not have to pay dues for that month, but will still need to pay the $100 security deposit to get an RFID card. Royce will setup the website to accept automatic PayPal payments. Members can also pay for more than one month at a time and get a slight discount. Automatic PayPal payments will only be accepted for month to month payments. 

 We are officially accepting new members starting December 1st, 2010.

Payment Frequency Monthly Price Total Price per Payment Payment Options
Every Month $80  $80 PayPal or Check
Every 3 Months $75  $225 Check Only
Every 6 Months $70  $420 Check Only









No decision was made about our internet connection. Royce will call the landlord to find out what the fiber cable in the office was used for. We will discuss this at the next meeting.


Tom Gondek will make 3 signs(one for each door). A possible group project is to make a larger LED sign for the outside.

SEO and Website

Royce agreed to make SEO changes to our Drupal website. Jason will create a Flickr account for the Makerspace and work with Royce to setup ads on our website.

Jason has created a Google Apps domain for Milwaukee Makerspace.

Equipment Lease Form

Royce has finished the equipment lease form and will post it to the policy document section of the website. He will also post the latest version of the member agreement on the website.

Rear Door Lock

Tom will contact the landlord about the getting a lock on the rear door and about the potential fire code violation. 

Electronics Lab Move

We will be moving Tom’s electronics lab to the Makerspace this Saturday December 4th. We will be meeting at the Makerspace at 10:00am. We will then car pool to Tom’s house and help load the truck.

Access Control

Royce has the boards for the access control system and was able to get all of the components soldered onto the boards. He will be installing the access control system at the Makerspace on Sunday December 5th. If everything goes well we should be able to start handing our RFID cards something next week.

Soft Opening/Grand Opening

We will be having a soft opening party on Sunday January 2nd. We have not selected a start or end time for the party. Members, family, friends, people on the mailing list, and any potential members are invited.

The grand opening has been delayed until sometime in the spring.