Donkey Kong Christmas Tree

I moved into my first place this year and with that came the harsh reality that landlords do not care too much for you dragging trees through the halls and making a mess of things, go figure. So I decided to get a bit creative and do something a bit more on the unconventional side of things.

Donkey Kong Tree

Most of this was done using a 60 watt laser. I mostly went this route because I wanted to be sure that the pieces would all be the same size so that when I tried to hang them it would hang level. This plan failed partial due to some vertical stretching that the laser was doing and mostly do to my inability to tie knots in 4 ropes at the same places along their lengths. It took a considerable amount of messing with it to get the thing to sit level. If I were to do it again I would most likely have a center post that is in sections about a foot high each that I hang the rings from by simply doing an ‘X’ of rope through the center.

All in all I think it turned out well. I am already plotting for next year hopefully this will mean I manage to get it done before the weekend before Christmas this time.

I am going to clean up the files and get them up on Thingiverse so look for them there if you are interested.

Note: You may have noticed Peach is at the bottom trying to rescue Mario. My girlfriend insisted the tree must also defy gender stereotypes. So it is not only nerdy but also progressive.